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Rogeron Trust

Rogeron Trust

The Rogeron Trust was consolidated into two charities in October 1897 but had  existed in some form for some time prior to then.  One was called the “Ecclesiastical Charity” and the other the “Non-Ecclesiastical Charity” or “Free School Charity”.

This arrangement lasted until 1985 when the two charities were combined and called “The Relief in Need Charity”. Two other charities founded from the wills of William Rich (1690) and Robert Wilton Stoddart (1898) were combined and called “The Estate Charity of Thomas Rogeron”.

The two charities are run by seven trustees, one of whom is always the vicar of the Hundon Parish, three “Nominative Trustees” appointed by the Hundon Parish Council and the other three are “Co-Optative Trustees” appointed by the first four trustees.


The Estate Charity of Thomas Rogeron

This charity is responsible for the management of the trust’s investments and land owned by the trust in Hundon. The land owned consists of the allotment field and other farming land rented out to local farmers.

It provides funds obtained from its investments and rental income, on a prescribed basis contained in the Charity’s charter, to the Parish Church Council, Hundon Educational Fund and to the Hundon Relief in Need charity. It also makes donations to other organisations within Hundon


Hundon Relief in Need Charity

This charity provides monetary help, funded by the above charity, in cases of hardship and need to any resident of the Parish of Hundon.

If you or someone you know would like more information about the grant application process, please contact the Chair of the Trustees Brian O’Leary, 01440 786909, email: All applications are treated in absolute confidence.